This is Cotton. And that’s my linoleum print of Cotton.

Cotton isn’t feeling all too good so her ma Abbey’s been spending a lot of money on vet visits lately. And since no one seems to be able to tell just what is wrong with Cotton the money spent is piling up to the amount of $3200. Abbey could use some help with paying those meds and tests so she started an online fundraiser. I would like to help her out and figured a way to do that is to sell my Cotton print I made for Abbey’s birthday last year (in an edition of 3). I started an online auction for it (it’s a swedish website but you can probably figure out the basics) and I’ll forward the winning bid to Abbey for Cotton’s vet bills.

So if you buy this print you will not only get a neat piece of art with a history but you will also help a cat and her ma.

So, here’s the auction:

And if you would like to just help Cotton and Abbey out, here’s their link:

If you’d like to learn more about how I made this print, see this post on my website (sorry, also in swedish, but with pictures!):


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